Doctors group, as the name signifies is a healthcare firm run for the people by doctors who know what's best for their patients. This group born in 1998 was the brian child of the dream and belief of 2 righteous men who have always believed in healthcare as a means to serve the common man. The two doctors who head doctors group are Dr.Satish kumar, a dermatologist of repute and Dr.K.P.Ali, a physician par excellence. At doctors group we believe that health as a business should never be looked beyond appropriate and affordable service to humanity. Commitment to quality has been our aim. We believe that making healthcare more about serving the needs of the growing population rather than profit is the key to making the healthcare system sustainable. Zakat, the Islamic principle of charity, is the underlying driving force.

An era where the ethical compass of the healthcare profession is under scrutiny, providing ethical care is a trademark of our facilities. At our facilities, patients take pride in the fact that doctors do not prescribe unnecessary procedures, costly medications or investigations, but do just what is right for the patients.

The group is based in the emirate of Dubai, UAE. The first clinic owned by the group was opened in Nasser square, Deira, Dubai in 1998 with 3 specialities and has since grown to over 7 specialities with a firm hold over the population it provides service too. The group has spread its wings far and wide in the emirateby directly and indirectly being a partner and owners of more than 5 polyclinics now and around 15 pharmacies at present.